The Transient Deluge

Photo by john vicente on Unsplash

I envision those nights where we’d roam through a proximity closer than approved of by circumstance
I’d trace your veins in the form of a prayer for the ounce of you that’d they’d lead to, the part I plead to have all of
You seeped under the curve of my ribs
Strangling me through a gentle grip, just firm enough for obscurity and disillusion to inflict me
Slither through my bloodstream
Taint my mind with a state of denial
Because we’d always sunk far from the surface of truth,
Sat in tranquility
Yet I hadn’t realized you were surging towards those lips
Lips that weren’t lined with my plush salmon genes
Rather towards the lips of the transient sea, we’d engulfed far below than
Though it was for me, for my conscience cause you’d noticed
That slight heftiness in my tone
The demeanor my feet would walk in, along a floor not so tangible, while subsisting in that water
Toxic for my lungs, had I craved it
Cause I’d tread, cautiously
Knowing there’d be shards ready to unleash, and astound a breach
I was not in any absolute moment or stance, devised
To stitch
You’d known freedom wouldn’t transpire for free
You’d known, yet in your relieving, loving way concealed from me, that it’d cost you and me

He’d laugh into her mouth, he’d inhale her sighs
Her sighs of knowing
She’d known
He’d known
They’d known yet
Only he was carved to confront it
He’d done it out of love, rather lust, rather he’d done it because although
His laugh through her breach, would leave echoes in her head
So would her sighs, that’d consist of an ounce significant with saudade, with despair
And yearning for something he could never be
They hadn’t any recollection of how they’d plunged so deep but even the ocean has an inevitable extremity
He’d strived to acquit her from
To instead, have her buried with the flowers, with pansy’s and dandelions that’d constructed her within and through
He wouldn’t permit her to loath in the iniquity of such an environment
No human is meant to breath through

They were everything
He’d saved them from being nothing
Knowing that if they’d surge even farther into those depths
The water’s curse would’ve deluged them
Everything in time under an element so cleansing, would efface
The features of her physicality would’ve faded
She would’ve been imperceptible to all except him, even herself
So ultimately he chose her, her route to be
One that would disable her from ever entirely experiencing him again
On the other hand, he’d know of what it’d feel like to be disabled from knowing her through and through, and rather save himself from that incapability, he’d been her savior

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