The City

Photo by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash

As I look around at all the beautiful things I’ve built,

I suddenly become filled with guilt.

I start to think the things I’ve made may not be so beautiful after all.

There’s a loud crash to my right as a building begins to fall.

The risks were clear, yet I plunged into the game,

Now I’m left with no one else to blame.

I watch everything I’ve built come crashing down,

Destroying my home I had built in that forbidden town.

The rain is falling, it’s starting to pour.

My dams of protection leak more and more. 

I patch the cracks as they appear all around,

Keeping my not-so-secret secrets from being found.

I set things into motion one by one, 

I couldn’t stop them from falling once it had begun.

Standing there in the rubble I’m faced with a choice.

I can rebuild my city and give up this tiring hoist,

Use the rubble to build it back up, but this time do it right.

Or give up, run away, and lose all my beautiful fight.

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Cheyenne LaTorre is a junior at Clayton A. Bouton High School.