Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

I get so gasted
Like there is an emulsified fog that prevents me from viewing the known to some
For it becomes unknown to my soul
And uncertainty is a concept my brain doesn’t often like to wrestle in aspects to life
Yet I find it so peacefully blessed upon us in other cases
For instance to be uncertain of the logistics for our death
For our future family
Which may be of only you and your bodies weight in a house
That you’ve got the challenge of gradually replacing it with a home
However with the presence of your mass
The density shifts and you can longer float,
No longer hold on cause even if you were light enough
There are sins you’ve acquired
There is trauma you’ve acquired
There is the anxiety that chains to your neck
Doing the exact opposite of helping you pursue a breath
And all of this consumed onto the wings extending from each shoulder blade will surely bend them
Just as you decide you are comfortable in the fact that flying is an option
So uncertainty in short
Is what I see as the guide to gaining motivation
From overcoming those phobias that rest and nestle
Inside the disarray of your mind
Yet I can not, because when you glance at me
With your lincoln green coins
I can’t help but notice and inhale the undesired notion
That you do so differently
Than before
And I may never feel that affability they gave
When I was everything, when I was the priority
Because circumstances have changed
In you and me
But it has not changed the components contribution
To the chemical composition making up my
Infinite love for your soul,
For the unknown ugly pieces of you as a puzzle
Henceforth uncertainty burdens me in your presence, in your footprints
Because your lips of a pale shell-flushed pink
Act out words that contradict the windows of your soul
And your actions do not align either
Like the angle of a frame hung on the wall slightly too far off
From center
Leaving uncertainty lying between the two

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Bella Gibeault is a sophomore at Clayton A. Bouton High School who, although usually known for her artwork and ambition for it, has found writing a temporary pursuit for her in the absence of time and motivation to create tangible work. She hopes that perhaps you can find enjoyment through her piece.