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I am confessing now of my evil deed that occurred eleven years ago. The police have given up and closed the case so I am free to share my greatest accomplishment. Let me start from the very beginning to prove that I had good intentions but they went awfully wrong. Well, who am I kidding, I meant to get revenge.

I was a nerd or geek or “the gross kid,” or any of those mean names that stupid, skinny popular girls give to people like me. So of course they bullied me in high school. Unlike them I was nerdy but I prefer bright, a little curvy and I didn’t have the best fashion but I thought I looked pretty good. I would spend my lunch in the chemistry classroom where I mixed chemical concoctions, which people thought was the funniest best thing ever. These girls would trip me in the hallway and steal my homework to copy it, of course so they could look smart for the cute guys. In math they would steal my calculator and cheat off of me on tests. I put up with them daily and it bothered me but I learned to rise above it. Until one day they made fun of my brother. Now let me fill you in. My brother has Down syndrome, but I love him very much. He is my best friend and I can’t imagine my life without him. So when they made fun of him I vowed revenge.

I stayed up late every night thinking of ways to get my revenge. I brainstormed many ways but the real problem was I had to do something that I could get away with. I couldn’t get suspended or hurt in the process. I couldn’t think of anything until one day when I was dreading going to swim practice because all those girls were gonna be there. I realized that they were all swimmers on one team. I came up with a perfect way. I would create a chemical toxin that I could put into the water. This will slowly burn off their skin as soon as they touch it. I could get all of them in one easy shot and no mess or cleanup required.

So on Tuesday, March 22, I woke up knowing that it was gonna be a good day. I acted all normal and dressed the same way I always did. This would prevent anyone from thinking out of the ordinary. At lunch, like usual, I created my chemical experiment, but in a much larger quantity. In addition, I placed a video camera in the pool area which I could tap into and view from my phone. Then I waited and waited till the bell rang. School was over and revenge was near. The janitor let me into the pool to pour the toxins. He thought I forgot my flip-flops, which I had purposefully forgotten the night before. The pool started to fizz and stream when I poured the chemical. The water became very foggy, in fact you couldn’t even see the bottom. I got frightened for a second that they would notice and not want to swim, but then I remembered that the pool has gotten the same way before if chlorine was added. If anyone had their doubts I would just blame it on the chlorine. To test it out I dipped the lifeguards dummy that they practice on in and it began to decompose. My plan was perfect and flawless.

When all the girls came in for practice, they noticed the pool was a little foggy. Just as I prepared, I told them the janitor just poured chlorine in. Since they were all stupid, they believed me no problem. Once it was three o’clock, they all dove in head first. I asked to go to the bathroom conveniently. I could hear their screams and cries of pain as I grinned in the bathroom. I then locked all the doors to the pool so no one could get in or out. I tapped into the camera which I placed earlier, I was just in time to see the lifeguard and the coach jump in to try and save the girls. I have to say I feel bad, I didn’t mean to hurt the lifeguard or the coach. But it was an extra bonus if I do say so myself. Once they all got out of the pool it was too late. Even though they weren’t in the pool, the chemical was already on their skin. I burst out laughing once I saw the tears come down their face. The skin was all red and and blotchy, some girls you could see their bones in their arms because the skin was gone. I secretly snuck out of the locker room and ran home. No one even found the bodies until 2 days after and at that point they were decomposed. The police suspect that I died with them, what fools. Of course the chemistry materials had my fingerprints on them but my teacher told the police that the only reason is because I ate lunch in there. No evidence could be collected from the bodies and no one ever made fun of my brother again.

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