If you opened me right now,

cut into me with a knife,

i would bleed music.

the sounds of heaven and hell

and all of life together

would pour out from me.

my body is its vessel;

my heart pumps the rhythm,

and my brain provides the melody;

the veins the verses

and the arteries the harmony.

i am a living, breathing human

with a constant musical thrum

i am created of light and dark,

love and hate, care and spite.

but all you see is one person

who sits patiently and waits

when inside her is a constant noise;

it’s all she can do to keep the music

inside her where it cannot escape.

but how does no one else see

i am sinking below the crashing waves

of dark tones and sad chords

then ascending to a higher plane,

of surreal feelings and beautiful notes

that make my heart sing?

music is me and i am it

a powerful combined force

we soar and glide and fall and cry

which is not unique by any means

but my soundtrack is defined by me

and me by it.

as long as i breathe so it does too

and a perfectly human life we lead.

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Maddy Conroy is a senior at Clayton A.Bouton High School and serves as Fine Arts editor for the Blackbird Review.