Schrödinger’s Day

Photo by Susan Q Yin on Unsplash

A small breeze traveled through the meadow
A shudder of a window, a sound from the chimes, and a wisp seen from below,

Looking above a small woman sighed
Her hands purple, and blue, as she walked slowly inside

The door creaked hello, heavy and of oak
Since the home was quiet, and not a word was spoke

Her shoes came off, untied and with care
Placed next to the door, for she liked no other pair

Shuffling through hallways, eyes tired and distant
Trying to be empty, but her thoughts were persistent

Dull white cabinet doors opened, and closed,
Looking for a meal to eat soly unimposed

Tears came to her eyes as she had to choose
Yet she chose to walk away having nothing to lose

As she brushed what was left of her hair
She somehow knew tomorrow would never be there

With her favorite book and a dim light
She read softly alone into the night

When she at last grew tired and saw her eyes fall
She prayed that her loved ones would see her through it all

Alone in bed, she passed in her sleep
Preventable, inevitable, for she never took the leap

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Lindsey Wight is a sophomore at Clayton A. Bouton High School.