An Ode to Readers

Photo by Jaredd Craig on Unsplash

Dear Readers 

I wish to to tell you a tale,

and in every step of the way, 

I wish to surprise your mind

I wish to excite your senses, 

enthrall your passions, 

create a world, 

and leave you emotional to your core. 

I wander down a well beaten path, you see, 

trudging along, 

and scraping my shoes 

looking at my fellow travelers 

I see the carts, 

line this well beaten path 

advertising the common commodities of my profession 

with an old, dusty sign. 

Generic plots there,  

cliche romances across the way, 

overused symbols next to me, 

and familiar themes here. 

I wish to avoid these commodities 

and find the luxuries 

Off this ridden route 

like some have done before. 

I heard there is another path, 

by the small vendor at the fork. 

The old man whispers to select crafters 

About a concealed walk 

Some have taken it, 

but only after they achieve a cry out of support. 

For their work was new 

not using any of the goods on the dusty old carts here 

I hope to walk that path of glory

but it will be hard to achieve, 

And only you can help me onto 

my path of success

So I will use some of the shiny objects, 

but mostly the forgotten ones, 

to create a story in which you want to travel

in order to walk down an unbeaten path. 

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Merrin Brick is a senior at Clayton A. Bouton High School. She serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Blackbird Review.