The Tear-Stained Terrain; All was you

Photo by Curioso Photography on Unsplash

I exist too much, think too much, 
Stumble too often over hills of stocky emotion
Which don’t, as I hoped, hinder my reality to flood or concave with fear, 
Fear over whether control is accessible 
To my wavering hands
Apprehension seeps under the curve of my ribs 
Which barricade all that must be
Confined for the sake of sanity
And yet it seems they are all too adjacent to fracturing,
Unleashing through the breach, all that I hide
That breach astounds and betrays 
The control I’ve come so gravely to grasp 

My soul is immersing in fear over whether 
I’ll slip on the tear-stained terrain
That is till your eyes, the most cloying 
gaze to reach me act so exact to that of a 
Red traffic light
They blind me
Leave me in limbo
In peace, stretch me to another sensation
My body cleaves to indefinitely more than it did with control
Prelude to you
Your hair shone in ringlets of silken honey
That drown me in the most relieving 
Manner possible 
The terrors evanesce 
All was you
There was never you until there was 
Then all way you
And the terrain became stained with tears 
Not slippery so that they are deemed threatening 
More just that they soak through my pores balancing the Too much that fills me into 
just enough of tranquility

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Bella Gibeault is a sophomore at Clayton A. Bouton High School.