The Doe’s Circumstance

Photo by Scott Carroll on Unsplash

The chilling and feverish warnings, assuming larger dimensions in this ponderous carrier of a body,
Merely holding all that is intended to be hidden from everyone, sometimes myself
Affected the soul contained in it as well,
It was threatening firstly in my gut even before the incident
I am currently trafficking
Till I am no longer alone
For I am so, outside of this unfortunate circumstance as well
Henceforth, I might as well wait for some stranger to assume their assistance due to their empathetic nature
It’s clear and readable in a font size overgrown that they, the teapot, are fragile but forgiving and
I can only assume numerous may chip pieces off of them,
broken repetition coincides with their structure
With the assumed guarantee that glue is so accessible and brings it back to new
But even when teapots are chipping away,
Miniscule amounts of its original composition lay afloat
In the air of its region
And after so much glue has been applied to an unhealing wound, the molecules no longer stick
It is forever formed with a scar in place
The avarice of such characters birthed in the universe frightens me
Brimming the deep angst I cleave towards the eternal silence of infinite space
But I’ve never gravitated towards that avarition such people drive with neither carelessly imprinted scars into the earth as humans have since they interrupted it
I cherish too greatly what others don’t yet need assistance from a matching soul
As mine is not able to conclude this night on it’s own
However no person consisting of trauma often acquired from being brought up in this town
Will interlude now
This hour is designated for only the the dandelions that deliberately gesture their expansion and hope for accumulation in the face of heavy wind’s pressure
Under a moon
Guaranteed to permit light for specifically them and the other creatures
So timid that they may not show themselves even in the midst
Of such a favored companion cratered and crafted for them
For it is just them and I, alone sheltered by the intent of the Moon’s appearance but so far
Its impact may not stretch the miles between us, invisible to the naked eye
Therefore fear burrows profoundly
But I can not abide stranding this timid creature
Who braved their now desolate body out of the shadow of cedar trees
Dismal emptiness fills the lack of life from this fawn
The blinding headlights of the plymouth truck made it easy
To see such was occurring in the innocent being
For I’ve stayed in this stance long enough to be a witness
Of the eyelids fluttering like it’d be entering a peaceful infinite sleep
Yet proven to not be so
With the blood that creeps beneath its frame

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Bella Gibeault is a sophomore at Clayton A. Bouton High School who, although usually known for her artwork and ambition for it, has found writing a temporary pursuit for her in the absence of time and motivation to create tangible work. She hopes that perhaps you can find enjoyment through her piece.