Brown Eyes

Photo by A L L E F . V I N I C I U S Δ on Unsplash

I know you don’t like your brown eyes 
But you have no idea how beautiful they really are. 
The earth is brown like your eyes. 
And the Earth is stable and solid and your eyes are too. 
Blue eyes are like the sky or the ocean and I get lost looking at the sky. 
It’s vast and overwhelming, but not the earth, 
The earth keeps you grounded. People need to be grounded. 
Not to mention that brown eyes are a blend of things,
It’s copper blended with milk chocolate.
It’s the color of coffee blurred with cinnamon. 
How on Earth can they be boring and plain if they’re is such a beautiful blend of shade?
Do not make your eyes simple just because you think they are. 
They are not simple, 
I have never seen a pair of brown eyes look like another pair. 
There are only so many shades of blue, 
And only so many shades of green but,
There are so many shades of brown. 
Your eyes are safe and warm, they’re comforting. 
And while you might not love them, I wouldn’t change them in the slightest. 
Everyone wishes that they had blue or green eyes but I don’t think they’ve looked into brown eyes in the sunlight. 
They haven’t seen how mesmerizing brown eyes are,
They have no idea how special they are.
I know you don’t like your brown eyes but dear lord, 
I have never loved brown eyes more than I love yours. 
And I would change mine to be a constant shade of brown if I thought I could get them even close to being as pretty as yours

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Lily Burke is a junior at Clayton A. Bouton High School. Her work frequently appears in the magazine.