Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash


A sharp ball, restlessly sitting on your chest

is given the name


Thinking, feeling like your life is a mess

Can be thanks to


Hours worrying about the big test

Can be thanks to


It comes out of the blue, you can’t compress


Is untamable, so I’m going to confess


Takes over our lives.


Success is the family favorite

She is the teacher’s pet, class valedictorian

She is

always on time

always put together

She loves to win, and always guesses the right answer

She doesn’t understand why people put her down

Just because she tries harder at different things

Doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings.

She strives for the feeling, that everything will be


About Regan Dennis 423 Articles

As a junior at Clayton A.Bouton High School,Regan believes that stress is something that is too normalized and overlooked in today’s society. She is someone who always strives to be successful, but she wants people to know that working hard to achieve a goal does not make someone cold or weird. It means they are disciplined and willing to sacrifice parties for a scholarship. There is always a give and take, she believes that you should give your all.