The Man and the Masks

Over a two week period a long time ago, I had a particularly strange encounter with suspicious men who are unknown to me to this very day. On a summer day, I saw one man in a black mask. This mask was not out of the ordinary. It had its eyes cut out to see the eyes of the person wearing the mask. On this first day that I saw the man in the mask, I thought nothing of it. But the most peculiar thing happened next.

The next day, I was out walking again, and I saw two men in masks. These were the same masks that I had seen the day before. These people seemed to be following me because I saw them frequently throughout the day. Another strange thing about these men is that nobody else seemed to notice them.

On the third day, I saw three men with the same black masks on, and they were again following me. This pattern progressed until on the eleventh day. I took the day off from my work as a lawyer, as there were no pressing cases at that time, and I had been preoccupied by some other strange dreams that I had been having that week. The men did not show themselves the that day and I was very surprised and bothered. I don’t like it when things change. I had gotten used to being followed and having people look at me funny because I saw the men in the masks.

I knew that I wasn’t the crazy. I surely couldn’t be making up these masked men in my head.

That day, I was sitting at home and there was a knock on my door. It was the police, who told me that they had reason to believe that I had gone on a murder spree over the past ten days. I told them that that was preposterous. I am not a mad person who goes around killing people!

They insisted that I go in for questioning and I told them that I would never go, they were insane for thinking that I, a prestigious and well known lawyer, would do such a thing.. They started to put me into handcuffs, but I resisted.

I took care of the two policemen because they were being irrational. I dragged them out into the woods behind my house, where two masked men stood, watching me.

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Braden Racey is a high school student at Voorheesville High School. He plays multiple sports, including soccer and volleyball. He was part of the regional champion varsity volleyball in the 2014-15 season, and he was named to the first team of the Colonial Council for soccer in the 2015 season. His favorite hobbies are watching sporting events and playing video games, but he also likes writing as well.