Calypso’s Grief

Lustrous Calypso watched as the mast of Odysseus ship crossed the horizon
Pass out of sight for her to see no more
She began to weep then, her tears like small stars;
Wept for the departure of whom she had cared for,
She wept in anger at the gods who had brought her hope,
Then snatched it away.
She had given Odysseus everything but still he had left her
Alone on her island, where the gods had her trapped
It was never a good thing to have the attentions of gods.
She would have kept him, there, safe from the wrath
Of the Bringer of Storms, Posiden,
And the planes of the bright-eyed daughter of Zeus, Athena
One in anger and one in favor.
If only her strong Odysseus had stayed in her arms
Then she would not be crying for the fate that awaited him.
His future, no matter what he did, would be hard.
She prayed to the controller of lightning for Odysseus’s safe return
She had not counted how many times Moon had chased her brother Sun from the sky
Before her face showed no signs of the tears ahead in both anger and grief.
Then she stood from the sands where she had mourned
Her hair falling as she looked towards the sea and whispered the final farewell
To a lover that, for all she knew, no longer breathed.
Then she turned back to her home,

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