Road Map of Life

Road Map of Life

Life is as easy as counting
Feet lighting up as they pound
Running quickly by, followed by laughter
He takes her hand and together they climb
They sit on the wood with the leaves overhead
A candy bracelet is exchanged
“I love you,” he says

The days are longer, and the work more tiresome
Many have come and go, yet all he still sees is her
Diplomas are handed out
They stand there in gown and cap
Speeches are made and applause is heard
A necklace is exchanged
“I love you,” he says

Church bells ring
The birds sing in the choir
Her white gown trails behind her
Tears are in the eyes of those present
This time a ring is exchanged
“I love you,” he says

Laughter plays about the air
Coloring books scattered across the floor
Toys being tripped over
Bills sitting on the counter waiting to be paid
He looks at her with the child in his arms
A smile is exchanged
“I love you,” he says

The rockers squeak as they go back and forth
The sun shines down on them
He keeps his cane close by his side
Wrinkly hands intertwined
He looks at her aged face and gray hair
A kiss is exchanged
“I love you,” he says

He wears all black
He stumbles all the way with the cane
Across the uneven ground
Turning this way and that to avoid stones
He arrives and runs his shaking hand across the engraving
A rose is exchanged
“I love you,” he says

“I love you too,” whispers the voice of the angel in the wind

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Kimmy McQuade is a senior at Clayton A.Bouton High School.