An Ode to Authors

Photo by Yannick Pulver on Unsplash

Can you begin to fathom 

the worlds you create?

Can you begin to question 

the lives you may change? 

You immerse me deep 

inside your mind, 

as soon as I touch the words  

with my eyes  

You open my head through your words 

and transport me to places galore. 

You show me characters that walk about 

both inside and outside the two covers of your craft

Sometimes I wish to do what you do, 

to write a world into the world. 

Other times I wish just to read 

through your new universe.

But when I read

late at night, 

my head is under the covers 

to hid the blinding reading light, 

I think of the characters trapped in their plot 

I think of the solutions that connect back to the top 

I think of the world as it falls apart 

I think of myself, trapped in my plot

I imagine myself joining the story 

sometimes as a triumphant hero, 

other times 

as the conniving villain.

I hope to join the story, 

be apart of the plot, 

by creating a character 

that would be a star, fallen or not. 

This hope I have, 

is created by you. 

Your story encaptures me

into a world I will forever allude. 

Although I’m trapped in a plot of my own, 

I enjoy the reprieve you offer through yours. 

So thank you authors, from the bottom of my heart, 

for stories soothe my soul, and jumpstart my heart. 

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Merrin Brick is a senior at Clayton A. Bouton High School. She serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Blackbird Review.