Falling from a Cliff

Photo by Jamie Fenn on Unsplash

The wind flows and the leaves fall
The seasons change as if nothing is happening at all
You turn older and deep down you grow
A heart forms and feelings flow
From your veins they come to pass, again and again
You age as the hours of the day dwindle down
The feelings they rage and you question how

The sadness you feel can just take form
When the monsters pluck you deep into the unknown
The feelings they form and with every passing hour
They change until you can’t even say how
Everything changes so fast over time
But today you fell of a cliff you will never climb

You feel the way you do and it is just a fact of you
He feels the way he does and there is nothing you can do
How to rise from the heartbreak and find another one
Is something you must learn, young padawan

Help me rise and see the light
For my feelings they drag me down,
Off this cliff you can never climb now

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Merrin Brick is a sophomore at Clayton A. Bouton High School, and serves as the Blackbird Review’s Podcast Editor. She just hopes you can connect with her writings and enjoy them because we don’t have time on our side and every moment counts.