Photo by Andrea Dixon on Unsplash

there’s a feeling you get at the top of a rollercoaster
stomach tangled in knots that would take forever to undo
and before you can even register what’s about to happen
you’re falling
gravity takes hold and you’re plummeting towards the ground below
and as you free fall the knots slowly come undone
and then it’s over
the ride comes to a stop and your feet are on solid ground
that’s when the adrenaline sets in
the heart pound
hands shaking
sort of feeling
unsteady yet perfectly grounded
falling in love with you was no different
strapping into a ride with no clear outcome
free falling towards uncertainty
but instead of an underpaid worker waiting to unstrap me
it’s you
the adrenaline rush is paired with butterflies
solid ground becomes your hands on my waist
the desire to ride again and again sets it
to know that everyday I will be given the change to fall for you is more than enough

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Lily Burke is a senior at Clayton A. Bouton High School and the Blackbird Review Editor-in-Chief. Her work has been published frequently in the Blackbird Review.