If I Were to Have a Kid Right Now

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If I were to have a child right now, in this point of my life, it would be hectic. I would have to either rely on someone to help take care of the baby, or I would have to quit my extracurricular activities so I could care for my child and get a job. That means for a while, I would not be able to play baseball or make music. I would have to DJ a lot more, mow a lot of lawns, shovel a lot of snow, and find other under-the-table jobs to help support my baby, since I am only fifteen and I can’t have a solid job until I am sixteen.

I would have to get help from the mother of my child, as I should not be the only one taking care of the baby. If I had a relationship with this woman, I don’t know if the relationship with her would strengthen or weaken. The relationship with my friends would probably deteriorate since I would not be able to hang out with them. My family would probably be very mad in the beginning but they would be supportive. I hope they wouldn’t be disappointed but I doubt they wouldn’t be. I would have to change how I act too, since I can not risk ANYTHING if I have a child. I would spend a lot of time with the baby because I would not be a deadbeat Dad, too many children have those.

My religion would not change. My finances would change since I can’t spend my money on myself, as the baby needs items, like food, clothes, toys etc. I would pay attention to politics more and I would think more for my kid. I would also change what I am going to college for. Instead of music production or history, I would go to a trade school so I can avoid massive debts and acquire a steady job. I would also go to VOTEC, so I can learn about trades. I would also change how I think. I tend to think of others instead of myself, which is good.

If I get a kid, instead of others being my main priority, my kid would be the main priority. My kid would be my world, so I would think about his safety and health before anything else, including my own. I would have to establish a strict routine as I would have school, work, and then care for my child. I would have to spend less time on my homework so I could use it for my baby or making money for my own kid. I would still live at my parents but I would rearrange my room so that the baby could sleep with me. Maybe there would be a rotation between the houses for caring for the baby until I could move in with the mother, if the relationship is not ruined. My grades would most likely drop, which would hurt but if I am going to a trade school I should be fine. My priorities would change dramatically, as school, family, baseball, friends, and myself would have to be put behind that of the babies needs. I would have to change myself to exit the “teen phase”, what I mean by that is that I would have to avoid doing stupid, teenager things (I would have to grow up quick). I would have to approve my maturity, because again, I would not and will not ever be a deadbeat father.

Another change is that, if I would still be sexually active, I would invest in some contraceptives, like condoms, or even consider abstinence. I wouldn’t say that my life is over, but the life I had before would look foreign to the one I would have after having a child. My health would probably decrease due to the stress, over-working of my body, and lack of sleep. My mental health would definitely decrease, but in the end, others have done it, and they have raised healthy, happy children. And I would do the same.

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