I am a Speck in a Sea of Humans

Photo by Kym on Unsplash

I realized today that the moon I stare at every night is the same moon that Shakespeare and Julius Caesar and Cleopatra all looked at. To me that’s insane. No matter how far humans progress and change this Earth, we are still looking at the same moon that humans looked at before they discovered fire. It makes me feel small, I am a tiny speck in the vast never-ending universe we live in And yet, here I am getting to live at the same time as you.
The moon and the sun and all the stars aligned as they brought you to me and I don’t know what our purpose is on this Earth because in a hundred years there will be a new Shakespeare and Julius Caesar or Cleopatra and I will continue to be a speck in a sea of other specks and I’m okay with that because at least I can be a speck knowing that despite the near impossible odds I got to know and fall in love with you.

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Lily Burke is a junior at Clayton A.Bouton High School. She is a frequent contributor to the magazine.