November Horoscopes

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As a new monthly feature, staff writer Nicky Summerson shares his horoscopes!


November Tarot and Astrology Forecast

November Summary: This month starts off intense and passionate with Scorpio season. Everyone is feeling deeply emotional about how they value relationships, their hopes and dreams, and the past. Scorpio season brings a lot of emotional hurt and trauma to the surface through dreams and interactions with people from the past. The universe wants you to reflect and heal these traumas. Then moving onto a brighter energy, Sagittarius season starts on November 22. This brings to light areas of life that you want to expand upon and learn more about. Sagittarius season brings a forward moving energy into your life, but despite this you might be confused as to where you are moving. One difficulty with Sagittarius energy is that it wants to be applied everywhere. To avoid this sort of confusion, identify specifically the areas of your life that you want to expand upon.


Tarot Cards for November: The Knight of Swords and The Knight of Cups
Aries you are feeling very polarized this month. Almost as if there are two people living inside of you. One wants to conquer your tasks swiftly with almost a violent quickness. Your rage could be building or alternatively you are facing someone else’s violent rage. The alternate energy inside you is one of calm and smooth motion. A very intuitive and emotionally intelligent energy. With this side you have an air of cool confidence. On top of this I see a possible romance growing within your life. This romance seems to bring you emotional satisfaction and a deep sense of happiness. This romance could also involve wealth and the opportunity to inherit or receive money. I think that this month you should listen to how you feel inside, your sense of self love and self discipline, and decide how to react to situations without haste but without lengthy contemplation. This month you will feel a quiet voice inside of you advizing how to act in certain situations. It will be important to listen to this voice because it will lead you down the right path.


Tarot Cards for November: The Page of Cups and The Queen of Cups
This month brings in an almost lethargic energy for you, Taurus. Despite the possible negative connotations that come with lethargy, I think that Tauruses are very comfortable with this energy. It seems as though that the absence of rapid movement and transformation brings a sense of safety to you. This month many positive things are bubbling up into your life but in a pleasant way. Like bubbles that children blow out of soap instead of the chaotic bubbling of boiling water. Now in regards to the more tangible areas of life you might be pleasantly surprised with a growing romance or a lengthened period of heightened creativity. Furthur, the universe is guiding you to pay attention to your dreams and what messages they might bring you. This month both deepened interest in dreams and spirituality will bring you solace. One thing that’s important to remember this month is that everything is alright and everything will work out. The universe has your best interest in mind.


Tarot Cards For November: The 8 of Pentacles and The 5 of Cups
Recently, Gemini, you’ve been struggling with grief and sadness over some sort of loss in your life. This could be a loss of a loved one, a lost relationship, or even a lost monetary opportunity. Whatever you have lost has definitely been weighing on your conscious, most likely manifesting in incessant and obsessive thoughts about what could’ve been. The universe wants you to release this built up emotion. The universe wants you to let go, not to the person or thing that you’ve lost, but this attachment to your current emotional state. It might take great strength and courage to do so, but the universe is letting you know that there is a brighter horizon, a future filled with opportunities. All you have to do is move on. To assist with this moving on, the universe says that a renewed interest or passion into your work or hobbies could help you. You may rekindle an old interest or delve deeper into your current projects, but nevertheless your situation will improve.


Tarot Cards For November: The 9 of Wands and the King of Wands
Cancer, this past month you’ve face opposition from a few people, maybe even the people who you’ve been very close to. You might feel betrayed and traumatized by the fiery situations and arguments that you’ve been subject to. Luckily for you, Cancer, I feel like you’ve moved on from these people and you might have even come out victorious. Despite this you are tired and weary of fighting. It seems like you’re trying very hard to keep it all together. You might be preparing for another attack or even scheming for revenge. You are definitely watching those who have hurt you and trying to present that you are strong and unbothered by their attacks. The universe is telling you that this is going to get incredibly tiring very quickly. Your very nature needs you to feel your emotions and almost to succumb to them. It is important to be brave and face your feelings, this is the most courageous thing you can do this month. Alternatively there is an important male energy entering your life this month, one of initiation and mentorship.


Tarot Cards For November: The 2 of Wands and The 9 of Pentacles
Leo I feel like you are currently discontented with your life and feeling isolated. You want something new, something exciting and more invigorating that your current situation. Leo, recently you’ve been looking at what other people are doing and the fascinating places they’re going or the amazing opportunities they are taking advantage of. By doing this you are forgetting and even ignoring the inherent beauty and wealth that surrounds you, Leo. You have to remind yourself that maybe you are alone because the people you are surrounded by don’t have your best interest in mind. You could also be alone because the universe wants you to recognize your blessings that you have and be grateful for them. Essentially, the universe wants you to look inside yourself for pleasure and happiness and recognize that you are independent from the people around you. Listen to yourself, not others. Alternatively there is a situation arising or opportunity that you are planning to take advantage of that will bring great personal success and happiness.


Tarot Cards For November: The Wheel of Fortune and The 2 of Cups
This is a great month for you Virgo! Finally the universe has heard your prayers or wishes and is making them come true. I see a partnership that you’ve been desiring for a long time finally manifesting. This could be a romantic or platonic partnership, but I see it most likely as a business partnership. This person understands your hopes and dreams because they share similar ones. The universe wants you to partner with them so you can maximize your success and align yourself with your highest self. One thing that I advise you, Virgo, is to not overthink or try and force anything relating to this relationship or your success. This is because the universe is the driving force behind whatever is happening for you. This means that without you over-analyzing this situation, everything will run smoothly. Another thing to remember is that the wheel of fortune is always turning. This doesn’t mean that your success is temporary, just that the situation that brings prosperity can’t be permanent.


Tarot Cards For November: The 3 of Swords and The 2 of Swords
Libra, during the month of November you will unfortunately undergo some sort of heartbreak, betrayal, or ending of a long term relationship (romantic or platonic). Libra, I see an energy of rejection and a blockage to communications. I think that it is possible that you will have a hard time communicating your emotions to someone this month and this will lead to the rejection. At first you will be deeply hurt. This person has damaged your ego and sense of self. This might lead you to closing yourself off from feeling your heartbreak and ignoring your problems. I advise against this because this will not only make your problems worse, but it will just delay the inevitable. The inevitable in this situation is the healing of you self image and learning to love yourself more fully. Additionally, even though this might be hard to hear, this situation was fated. Whatever ended in your life was terminated in order to help you grow and evolve as a person. I don’t see this evolution completing itself during this month, but you have definitely completed an important step


Tarot Cards For November: The King of Wands and The World
Happy Scorpio Season, Scorpio! This month seems very promising for you. You will feel very passionate about your work and hobbies and I see you completing many important tasks. Specifically, I see an energy of resilience and perseverance surrounding you. You feel that you can conquer every task set before you and this is entirely true. I also see you finally letting go and detaching from drama that blocks your success. This month you are really seeing everything as the big picture. You are formulating important plans for the future, many of which will come to fruition before Taurus season next year. I see this month being very potent for manifestation. This means that your positive thoughts and actions will bring positive situations and opportunities to you. Two important things for you to focus on manifesting this month are healing your emotional traumas and learning to let go and transform. By learning to leave behind unhealthy situations you will be able to heal you emotional wounds and further pursue success.


Tarot Cards For November: Two of Swords and Two of Pentacles
Sagittarius, this month you are being asked to look into the duality of your life and how you value balance. It seems as though you have two conflicting interests or you are partaking in two diametrically opposed situations. This has been and will cause so much stress to you that you have blinded yourself and closed yourself off from seeing the problem. It is almost as if you know deep down that you need change but you can’t consciously bring yourself to change your circumstances. I advise you, Sagittarius, to identify these conflicting interests and make them mesh or you need to let one of them go. This may be difficult, but subconsciously you already know that one of these situations or interests is causing you more stress than the other. Approach this as if it was a spring cleaning. You want to get rid of any dirt, dust, or dead bugs along with any item that is no longer useful. Do the same thing with your hobbies, relationships, or obligations and you will find peace.


Tarot Cards For November: The 4 of Wands and Justice
Capricorn, this month is a wonderful month for celebration and the embracing of all the positivity of life. You will be feeling incredibly accepted and welcomed by the people around you and you feel like wherever you go people want to meet your every need. I feel like you’ve been working for a long time to get to where you are right now and it is time for you to enjoy it. Additionally, Capricorn, I see you being presented with many possible relationships during this month. This may be a good thing but I feel as though most of these relationships will be short flings, but it is good to still enjoy them! I also see you being able to discern the truth and understand what and who in your has your best interest in mind. Despite this, I do caution you from being to harsh and narrow minded about the people or things around you. Furthur, I caution you from being too lazy or not taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities that will be presenting themselves to you this month. I see something important for you occurring around Thanksgiving and Black Friday.


Tarot Cards For November: The Sun and The Magician
Aquarius, this month you are facing powerful energies and the potential to fully revitalize any aspect of your life that you choose. I see that you may have recently removed yourself from a situation in your life that was insecure or built upon superficial premises. Now you are searching for a hobby, interest, place or relationship that will give you true happiness and freedom. Luckily for you this is coming you this month! The universe is blessing you with the opportunity to focus your positive energies into manifesting and attracting high vibrational situations into your life. One thing that I advise you to do is make sure that you are able to bring this wonderful energy into the material world. A lot of times Aquarians can be very active mentally and intellectually but it is harder for you to translate this into the physical world. One way to do this is by staying grounded and connected to the physical things that you want to manifest. For example, writing down your goals and then visualizing them in material form is a good way to keep your ideas grounded. One thing to avoid this month is overeating, consuming any alcohol or drugs, and overconsumption of caffeine. All of these things can prevent you from manifesting your desires.


Tarot Cards For November: The Queen of Cups and The Knight of Wands
Pisces, you are feeling very powerful this month. You are exuding almost a level of psychic influence around you and this is very uplifting. Despite this I see someone coming into your life and disrupting your flow. (Traditional tarot reading describes them as a dark young friendly man, but this person could also be a masculine woman)(cut this out?). This person could be new to your life but they remind you of an old lost relationship that brings up memories of chaos and trauma. This person makes you want to flee and abandon all of the prowess that you’ve been formulating. As a Pisces I feel like you are used to this sort of slip away tactic and avoiding your problems. This time I advise you to face it head on. This person is very important to your personal and spiritual growth. They might not be the most pleasant or agreeable person but this allows you to learn from their flaws and learn from how they make you feel. It’s possible that by treating you badly they show you how you have also been treating others badly. Now of course i’m not recommending that you become attached to this person but just observe them from afar and understand that this person has been sent by the universe to show you something. I also see you deepening your spiritual practice this month.

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