Paper Kingdoms

We’re drawing our kingdoms in class today

Mine has a beautiful tower and pretty windows

I’m almost 7 so it has to be good

Everybody draws their dream kingdom

And is their own ruler

My frenemies’ kingdom is next to mine

The Watcher of All the Kingdoms, asks us to help her

Give out little paper soldiers.

It was a peaceful day in the Kingdom of Sophia,

simply playing with the princesses of other kingdoms

Until the sting of the paper

Today we must have been enemies

Because my friend cut me with the paper

that we used to build our loving kingdoms’

All I can remember was the slice of a friendship, cut into two

She sent all of her army to attack me in one spot

so badly all I could do was cry

It was bad, like all the punches and scratches wanted to eat my finger

It was an act of war.

She had crossed the line

Our kingdoms’ went to war

We called each other names

and did our best to destroy the other kingdom

Until the Watcher of the Kingdoms came over

And asked us why we were fighting

The Watcher ended our fight

She gave me the one thing I needed to repair my kingdom

Our Kingdoms’ found peace again

And I went home to show Mommy and Daddy

the colorful sticker around my finger

That I kept from my kingdom

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Sophia Stampalia is a freshman at Clayton A.Bouton HIgh School.

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