A Mariner’s Life for Me

The horizon meets the cotton candy colors
of the setting sun.
The buoy like motion of the boat beneath my feet moves My body as a pendulum
From one side to the other.

An endless supply of time is given to those who admire the sea…
Hours upon hours of nautical nonsense
and fishy situations.

Bubbles not only surround the lips of underwater inhabitants but the souls of
a sailor…
a captain…
a fisherman…
a man,
Who adores the depths of the wildest crash of waves. Those who wander are those who learn;
Those who learn are wealthy
Not in hand but
in mind…
in soul…
in heart.

So the fisherman,
with his stick,
is the richest of them all.

About Marilyn-Jayne Parmenter 452 Articles

Marilyn-Jayne Parmenter is a junior at Clayton A. Bouton High School.