What a surprise for me when I spat words of blasphemy
Imagine your faithful little soldier it was never you accustomed to the colder
Side of imagination
Never flightless I am bound by gravity of cold damnation

A bleeding heart belongs out of reach behind a bending broken hue
Overshot the walk it ends an empty hope of two
Late of fate woke the noose to help me choose the fall
Fleeting glances avalanches the prince can’t take any chances in case I default

Changing colors winter blues no one will remember you
Or empty eyes the void of lies but what tune does it sing for you
Does a voice beckon from within are there forces moving in
Or are you just a latchkey child running from their sun burnt sin

Days in nights out what are you when water can’t spout
You and me are two cats in a tree with peeling claws and a broken snout
No one cries on page one because the best is yet to come, but waiting is an awful way to die
Life is always fluctuating but they won’t be accentuating what I control and that’s sublime

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Maya Herr is a junior at Voorheesville High School who is interested in all types of literature.