Each of us is a snowflake
Falling through our childhood
It’s impossible to see
where we are going
the wind blows strong
Our path is not yet clear

When we land
Wherever chance takes us
we find our place
And settle down
With other snowflakes
That chance placed near us

We don’t last forever
Though some snowflakes
will go sooner than others
And as we watch
The flakes around us
Disappearing before our eyes
Vanishing as strangely as they were born
We wait for our time to come

Once we melt
And sink into the ground
Our visible remains
Are last seen
As they join with the earth
The pretend creator
And our assumed everlasting resting place

But no one truly lingers long
In the earth
We are creatures of the surface
Ever longing to see the sun
And after everyone has gone home
when nobody is watching
We lift away from the ground
Drawn towards that bright light
And reborn
We fall again

About Spencer Kranz 452 Articles

Spencer Kranz is from New York. He lives with his parents, a younger brother, and a dog. He loves to play soccer with his friends in the spring and fall. In the summer, he especially loves to visit his cottage on the St. Lawrence River where he spends most of his time fishing and tubing with his friends.  In the winter, he and his family enjoy skiing and snowboarding together. He also has a lot of fun in his school’s drama club and Science Olympiad club. Though he can’t wait for summer to return so he can go back to his favorite place, his cottage.