The Night

The Night is special; like no other
Somewhere, its darkness is overtaking the Earth’s skies; every second of existence
In competition with the sun’s light each day; one after another
Yet day after day is still able to overcome it; resistance

The Night brings no clear vision
Anyone, anything, can be near
Thus a frightening thought for many, causing much indecision
And those who chose to still face the night can often be left with a tear

With only the moon and the stars providing us with any sense of comfort
The Night, to us, can often be spine-chilling
Though, if you analyze the night with a little bit of effort
You may find it to be somehow quite willing

The Night offers you privacy and relaxation
As if time took a pause and allowed you to take it all in
Gathering up all the thoughts in your head like anti-telecommunication
The night recharges you for the next day, where the cycle will again begin

It’s for you to decide if the night brings you to a “yay” or a “nay”
If you cherish it, making every second count
Or if you’d just rather hit the hay
But let me remind you, the Night will always surmount

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Dalton Esposito is a junior at Clayton A.Bouton High School.