Metal’s Song

Metal’s Song

by Sarah Bracken

I am the spirit of the iron
Of the steel
I am in your home
Your work

I protect the young and old
The ones I call my own
The children hearts I do encase
In the cold of steel and iron
So they do not feel
Do not care

For them I also encase their will
I forge it from the strongest of metals
They will bend but they will not brake
I give them the will to move on

The old are gifted to
With steel around their mind
It traps them inside
In happier times
It gives them strength
When all they have is gone

Adults no longer feel
Emotions buried deep
Results are what matter
So why bother with pesky feelings

I try to help
In this world
Of cold cold metal
Sometimes its better
To not feel at all

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Sarah Bracken is a freshman at Clayton A.Bouton High School.