February 5, 2021 Kali Munro 0

New Years Eve 11:59pm 2099 “5! 4! 3! 2! 1! Happy New Year!!!!!” There were shouts and cheers, but only darkness to surround them. New […]


January 25, 2021 Julia Kito 0

Usually when starting a new school, you feel nervous and have butterflies in your stomach, but Sarah and Lori Norman were so excited to go […]


January 6, 2021 Isabella Gibeault 0

An extreme fog waved over my head as if I was standing in the direct way in which the smoke and ashes were blowing from […]

Neon Rain

November 25, 2020 Rachel Pahl 0

Rhymes spin in your head like tilt-a-whirls, the bile rising in your mouth with every grimy thought you push away. Can’t say that without crying. […]


November 23, 2020 Eliza Foulke 0

My honey hair was brushed back. A few pieces were held together by a dusty pink bow. I had on a dress; a black dress […]


November 19, 2020 Julieta Gil-Marin 0

Crowhill road was quiet. As it always was and always will be. The slight breeze didn’t rustle the fiery leaves, the full moon didn’t awaken […]

To You, In 20 Years

May 22, 2020 Erin Young 0

All week we have been showcasing the top five stories in our short story contest, which leads us to our first place story, Erin Young’s […]

He’s All the Rage

May 21, 2020 Hannah Lewis 0

Today’s story, Hannah Lewis’ “He’s All the Rage,” took second prize in the 2020 Voorheesville Short Story Contest. Our judge said: “All the elements of […]

Nature’s Song

May 20, 2020 Krista Rivers 0

Today’s story, Krista Rivers’ “Nature’s Song,” is our third prize winner in the 2020 Voorheesville Short Story Contest. Our judge found that Krista’s story reminded […]