May 10, 2018 Olivia Farney 0

I am confessing now of my evil deed that occurred eleven years ago. The police have given up and closed the case so I am […]


November 27, 2017 Lindsey Odorizzi 0

She smelled like flowers. Not like that “love is like a rose” nonsense but like actual flowers. She enjoyed pressing daisies and carnations and dandelions […]

The Phone Call

March 22, 2017 Lily Burke 0

When the phone rings in the middle of the day you expect it to be Grandma or a telemarketer. When the phone rings at night, […]


January 8, 2017 Lindsey Odorizzi 0

I hold the mask over my mouth and nose, the elastic band worn thin and holding itself together by just a few threads. I pass […]

Dear Detective

May 19, 2016 Amanda Bache 0

Amanda’s story was the Grand prize winner in the 2016 Voorheesville Short Story Contest. I clearly remember the day when my mentor, my best friend, told me it […]

Enshrouded Grandeur

May 18, 2016 Sara Gannon 0

Sara’s story was the second prize winner in the 2016 Voorheesville Short Story Contest.   “Emilia! Emilia! Di nuovo! Di nuovo!” Antonio tugged on Emilia’s skirt and […]

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