November 17, 2019 Hannah Lewis 0

With opening the door came the ding of a bell and a swell of chatter. Brief noise escaped the room, intermingled for just a second […]

Gilded Aria

November 13, 2019 Rachel Pahl 0

It fuels the symphony inside of her head, this place, with its dripping coffee and jingling change and ticking clocks, and the delicate piano in […]

The Guest Room

May 17, 2019 Lindsey Odorizzi 0

All week we have been showcasing the top five stories in our short story contest, which leads us to today’s story, Lindsey Odorizzi’s “The Guest […]

Undead Trials

May 15, 2019 Samantha Jasinski 0

Today’s story, Samantha Jasinski’s “Undead Trials,” is our third prize winner in the 2019 Voorheesville Short Story Contest. Our judges found Sam’s vampire story well […]

Leaving Home

May 14, 2019 Jilli Mitchell 0

Today marks the publication of the second of our top five stories, Jilli Mitchell’s “Leaving Home” Our judges said that the story had great dialogue, […]

When Home Hurts

May 9, 2019 Will Reilly 0

Over the next ten days we will be publishing the ten finalists from the 2019 Voorheesville Short Story Contest. This, the third of our first […]

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