May 10, 2018 Olivia Farney 0

I am confessing now of my evil deed that occurred eleven years ago. The police have given up and closed the case so I am […]

Breaking Point

May 8, 2018 Maggie Thayer 0

They ask why I’m so cynical, I think now they see why. That in this unfair world, this cruel world. I’ve fought And I don’t […]

Seeing You

May 4, 2018 Maggie Thayer 0

It’s been years, But somehow, I can still think of you the same way. In the same light. Under the sky Below the stars And […]


April 26, 2018 Olivia Farney 0

Hope is everyone’s friend She may be hidden but always there She’s there whether it’s to be a cheerleader on the sidelines Or a shoulder […]

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