Submissions for the 2019-2020 school year will reopen on September 1, 2019.


Blackbird Review Submission Policy

The Blackbird Review print edition is published twice a year, but the online magazine publishes new pieces on a rolling basis. Submissions are accepted year round from members of the Clayton A. Bouton High School and Voorheesville Middle School community. Being a journal of student work, only current students may submit work. The specifics and submission dates are listed below.

General Guidelines

All work is to be submitted to the editorial staff electronically via our Submissions Manager. Attachments are OK, but the work can be pasted in the proper box of the Submission Manager, as well.  Attachments are to be in Word format. Photographs and/or fine art must be in JPEG, PNG, or GIF format, and must be ready for publication.

Specific Guidelines

Fiction: all genres welcome. Please submit one story at a time, and limit stories to under ten typed pages. No gratuitous violence or material not suited for a school sponsored publication, please.

Poetry: all genres welcome. Please submit up to five poems per acceptance period, and limit poems to two typed pages. See the Fiction section for the disclaimer on objectionable material.

Essay: Personal essay and memoir welcome, as well as academic writing for class. Please submit one essay at a time, and limit essays to under ten typed pages.

Reviews: all types of reviews are welcome. Please submit one review at a time, and limit pieces to under ten typed pages. Book, movie, music, and media (television, website, etc.) are accepted. If questions, please query us at

Photography: Black and white photographs are preferred, but color versions are fine.  Please submit up to five photographs at a time. Photos should be saved at 300 dpi resolution and submitted in original size.

Art Work: must be submitted in print ready format. Please submit up to five photographs per acceptance period. Art pieces 8×10 or smaller must be scanned at 300 dpi. Pieces larger than 8×10 must be scanned or photographed.

ALL WORK NEEDS TO BE SUBMITTED VIA OUR SUBMISSIONS MANAGER! Follow the link below to access our Submission Manager:

Blackbird Review Submissions Manager