Sojourner Truth

March 17, 2016 Sara Gannon 0

She had teeth sharpened to points— crafted to rip the heart out of racism and to slit the throat of misogyny.   She carried a […]


March 16, 2016 Eileen Peltz 0

As I was walking through the halls yesterday, looking down deeply at my phone, I ran into Happy She apologized and took the blame for […]


March 15, 2016 Maya Herr 0

What a surprise for me when I spat words of blasphemy Imagine your faithful little soldier it was never you accustomed to the colder Side […]


March 9, 2016 Maddy Conroy 0

If you opened me right now, cut into me with a knife, i would bleed music. the sounds of heaven and hell and all of […]


February 28, 2016 Sarah Turley 0

Love is not cute. Love is a tidal wave that crashes through your life, Completely submerging you until you drown. Love is a monster that […]

My Sky

February 28, 2016 Sara Gannon 0

Stars in the sky write to me— they send me letters every now and then. On paper is where their words won’t be, but in […]


January 26, 2016 Spencer Kranz 0

Each of us is a snowflake Falling through our childhood It’s impossible to see where we are going the wind blows strong Our path is […]

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