April 26, 2018 Olivia Farney 0

Hope is everyone’s friend She may be hidden but always there She’s there whether it’s to be a cheerleader on the sidelines Or a shoulder […]


January 26, 2018 Regan Dennis 0

Stress A sharp ball, restlessly sitting on your chest is given the name Stress Thinking, feeling like your life is a mess Can be thanks […]

I Get Too Nervous

January 12, 2018 Lily Burke 0

I get too nervous around you. The foot tapping Palms sweating kind. I can’t think when you’re in the same room It feels like you’re […]

Bad Habit

November 30, 2017 Lily Burke 0

I have this bad habit of staring at my phone. Or checking it 20 times a minute. It’s not that I’m expecting it to light […]

Light Feeling

November 20, 2017 Maggie Thayer 0

They say That the pain Fades with time. But I’d say That’s a lie. The pain I have Has never faded; It never goes away. […]


January 19, 2017 Marilyn-Jane Parmenter 0

It’s funny how life is measured in years. How counting, mathematics, is how we measure our existence.

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