Harpy’s Heart

February 10, 2022 Logan Serviss 0

Mighty wingsClear the skiesFlying aboveAll the struggle Life without fearOmnipotent controlOver one’s destinyFuture, past The whole Hopeful futureRegardless of pastMy world’s been restoredI’ve re-glued the […]

Night Lilies

February 10, 2022 Katarina Hrazdina 0

The skyline is twinkling. The ground is, too. So is the sky. While I sit in a lifeless room staring into the darkness, thousands of […]


February 9, 2022 Brie Hillmann 0

To escape the thoughts in my head  The swirling mess that I’ve come to dread  The innermost demons I chose to hide  From everyone, choosing […]

Sorry Gemma

February 8, 2022 Alicia Hillmann 0

These lyrics are based on the book Stolen by Lucy Christopher, and the corresponding music is “When The Party’s Over” by Billie Eilish. The piece […]

One Word

November 9, 2021 Gracie Lee 0

“Do you still love me?” she asked  with tears welling up in her brown eyes  that once shined in the daylight  her heart was aching […]


April 30, 2021 Rachel Pahl 0

“close your eyes,” my therapist says to me.“picture your monster. tell me what you see.” i know what she wants me to say. she wants […]