November 11, 2015 Olivia Biggé 0

“I’m hardly a man for reckless, idle anger.  Balance is best in all things.  Father Zeus, Athena and Lord Apollo! If only seeing the man […]

Black Widow

November 11, 2015 Kailee Jurnak 0

I lay wide awake and thought about Charlotte’s Web.  How the spider spun webs for the pig to help him out.  I chuckled to myself and […]

Hide and Seek

November 11, 2015 P.J. Parker 0

The children play At hide and seek About the monument To Speke And why should the dead Explorer mind Who has nothing to seek And […]


May 22, 2015 Olivia Suozzo 0

Olivia’s story won the Grand Prize in the 2015 Voorheesville Short Story Contest. Annie opened her eyes slowly and blinked at the late winter sun. […]

Flowers of Spring

May 22, 2015 Adriana Brusgul 1

Adriana’s story won second prize in the 2015 Voorheesville Short Story Contest. The warning came in the spring. He had been walking to class, passing […]

Two Lost Souls

April 26, 2015 Sarah Alden 0

I’m sitting on the bench, in a small park. I wear an ill-fitting white suit and hold a single flower in my hand. Glancing nervously, […]