The Sins of the Father

March 27, 2015 Olivia Suozzo 0

The Sins of the Father Amidst the burgeoning Gothic horror genre of the nineteenth century, a novel arose that would be read, celebrated, and contemplated […]

The Most Noble Brutus?

January 25, 2015 Amanda Bache 0

The Most Noble Brutus? “E tu Brute? Then fall Caesar!” perhaps the most famous line from the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. This exclamation […]

Salem Houses

December 1, 2014 Madeline Conroy 0

Salem Houses   Salem is anything but your average town; its colorful and eccentric history is widely known across the United States and beyond.  But […]


December 1, 2014 Stefanie DeFronzo 0

Salem   “The roots of the Peabody Essex Museum date to the 1799 founding of the East India Marine Society, an organization of Salem captains […]