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Bella Gibeault is a sophomore at Clayton A. Bouton High School.

Phantom City

March 28, 2021 Marius Mazzeo 0

The strange day started with Mr. Zigler packing his bags in hotel Radisson, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He was late for his flight to a remote […]


March 2, 2021 Isabella Gibeault 0

I get so gastedLike there is an emulsified fog that prevents me from viewing the known to someFor it becomes unknown to my soulAnd uncertainty […]


February 5, 2021 Kali Munro 0

New Years Eve 11:59pm 2099 “5! 4! 3! 2! 1! Happy New Year!!!!!” There were shouts and cheers, but only darkness to surround them. New […]


January 25, 2021 Julia Kito 0

Usually when starting a new school, you feel nervous and have butterflies in your stomach, but Sarah and Lori Norman were so excited to go […]


January 6, 2021 Isabella Gibeault 0

An extreme fog waved over my head as if I was standing in the direct way in which the smoke and ashes were blowing from […]

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