I am a Worlds Traveler

Poetry by Ava Bashant

photo by Paolo Braiuca

I am a worlds-traveler
Travelling from not Europe to Africa to Australia
But from Erilea to Wendlyn to Primoria

I am a worlds-traveler
My transports not airlines nor cars nor boats coming ashore
But rather the library and the local book store

I am a worlds-traveler
Experiencing sensations not through senses between myself and my surroundings
But through words and tone and imaginings

I am a worlds-traveler
Not meeting my role-models and idols and heroes
But rather crawling inside their heads to live as one with them as my admiration grows

I am a worlds-traveler
Guided not by maps and roads and pre-taken paths
But rather by writers who bind their imagination to paper through words and ink baths

I am a worlds-traveler
Some may say I don’t travel or explore beyond the confines of my room
But little do they know I travel farther and wider than any explorer on even the moon

I am a worlds-traveler

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Ava Bashant is a freshman at Clayton A. Bouton High School, and this is her first year in Voorheesville. She loves to read, and has always been fascinated by alternate realities and made up worlds in fictional novels.