Fiction by Brianna Dunn


A girl with smiling eyes approached. Her laughter seemed at endless supply. Later I crashed; vexed I was, I fell in love. It clutched my throat with cold fingers, immersing themselves into my blood. I thought she was happy. A baby girl was born, clearing the fog of my doubt as sun rays do on a misty morning. She brought back my smiles for a short while, but ended up creating more tears. I thought she had loved me. Questions of sincerity overwhelmed my weak heart. Consuming my mind, I had no other choice. I choose the comfort of drugs and alcohol rather than lying in her arms. Something had changed. I felt a chill-some days it would just pass by but on others, it lingered and smeared itself into my head. On days it swallowed me whole, I would go a bit crazy. Suicide flooded my eyes, anger grasped my fists, and my voice made the entire house shiver. My face grew darker as I continued my addiction, and suicide became my only rational thought. She tried to leave me. My fist, out of my control, had struck the glassy windshield of her car. Blood made its way, winding around my fingers and entwining into itself. But something was not quite what I would have considered normal. The blood running through my veins-it was cold. It was as if frigid water was being poured onto my knuckles. I panicked, but soothed myself with the thought that it was most likely a side effect from one of the drugs I had used. Light flashed, I called out. I need help. I need somebody right now. I’m bleeding. I don’t know what to do. I need help. In my desperation they had wrapped metal cuffs around my wrists. She abandoned me. Trapped in a cell I stood. Everything was still in my presence. A sigh left my lips to form a small cloud in front of my face. I could see the steam being released from my body. I turned to the mirror and gaped at my lips, a deep shade of blue against my colorless skin. My body was numb, I felt as if I was floating until I felt my knees strike the cold hard floor. It was as if my heart had stopped, my left side hurt so much. I clenched my chest; it was as if an icy blanket was covering my body. I couldn’t feel a beat. My heart had Frozen. An image of my daughter appeared before my wavering eyes. She held the metal bars with tears in her eyes and pointed behind her. There I saw, lying on the ground, the woman I love. My daughter turned and began to walk. Don’t go. Please Stay. Come back. I crawled toward the bars, and watched as the oxygen mask was taken away from my one and only love. They disappeared, vanished from my sight.

The next morning, “Cell guards in Middlebury Vermont have had found a body, coated in frost. The details are unclear as to how this phenomenon has occurred.”

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Brianna Dunn is a sophomore at Clayton A. Bouton High School.